Dietary Record Generator™ v1.0.1

The LifeLine Dietary Record Generator™ (DRG™) is a stand alone software tool that accepts information from a wide range of sources about food and dietary habits and transforms them into simulated dietary files that can be imported into the LifeLine Customized Dietary Assessment Software™ (CDAS™) for exposure and risk assessment software. The DRG™ provides the opportunity to upgrade or amend existing dietary databases as better information becomes available, or food availability and habits change. The DRG™ also allows the use of dietary information relevant to unique population groups. The dietary information being input into the DRG™ must contain specific information including a relevant food list, probability of eating and portion size data for each of the foods (may be different based on age groups or seasons), calorie information related to each of the foods and related to the total caloric intake of the population. The DRG™ is a probabilistic model and provides operational flexibility to the user. Quality of applications, selected options and information brought to the software is the responsibility of the user of this product, but will need to meet regulatory standards of quality if the data are to be used for making regulatory decisions.