DRG™ - Highlights

  • The DRG™ allows the user to input information about food consumption parameters and generate consumption records that are usable in LifeLine Customized Dietary Assessment Software™ for exposure and risk assessment. The DRG™ can incorporate information about a dietary pattern from a wide array of sources and convert it to one database in a format useable by architects of dietary exposure/risk assessment models.

    Until development of the DRG™, only comprehensive data sources such as CSFII have been used to describe dietary patterns in the US population. Groups not represented by this comprehensive data source are not included in dietary exposure and risk assessment models. This omission is corrected by the DRG™ since it facilitates the incorporation of information about these populations into the databases upon which exposure and risk assessment software run.
  • Conceptual Design of the DRG™

  • Because consumption data may differ across age groups and by season, the user has the option of entering consumption data specific to different age groups and seasons.
  • The DRG™ allows the user to create a customized diet which may then be blended with a commercial diet as represented by the CSFII in a dietary exposure and risk Assessment using the LifeLine™ Customized Dietary Assessment Software™ tool.
  • The Office of Research and Development and The Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances within EPA have funded the development of the DRG™ software tool.